Moisés Gibi has always Been a fighter, but he had seventeen years old when this sport appeared in his life bringing the dream of victory and spirit of fighter. It didn't take long for the skinny Gibi start to gain prominence and his body began to respond to the harsh discipline required by the Muay Thai. His self-control and observation developed his power and precision of the blows - looking the opponent inside their eyes and percept of their weaknesses are the wisdom of the warrior. The effort became several victories in Brazil and Gibi suddenly was evolved in international competitions until he establishes a great champion. Gibi Became tetra world champion in the sport:

-Low Kick 2002 - victory against Eric Perros (FRA) in Brazil
-Low Kick 2004 - defeated Pancho Francisco (MEX) in the house of opponent
-Thai Kick 2005 - in Portugal Gibi won Germano (PORTUGAL)
-Muay Thai 2007 - Won Adam (AUS) in Thailand.

But victories wasn´t only personal but the sport gained with this : Moises Gibi devoted himself teaching the art of Muay Thai, forming instructors and fighters, promoting the sport and its values, discipline and potentiality. Nowadays his method is used in whole Brazil represented by instructors who learned from Gibi and now carry his brand. The champion is dedicated to make this sport more popular and find new talents: the result of this endeavor are "The Challenge" and "GMTF" - big events for Muay Thai in his country since March of 2016.